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Stone bath hob in Geelong Home

The bath is inset in the stone creating an elegant, seamless look. Also, provides extra space for toiletries/ displays etc. Sometimes this is referred to as bath hob or bath inset.


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Give us a call and chat to us about your project. If you have plans or drawings send them to us so we can review what you require. We then discuss your preferences in regard to features, stone type and budget.

Crystalline Silica Free Stone (CSF)

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A man made composite of quartz and other minerals. A very versatile and low maintenance option, with a wide range of colours available.


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One of the hardest materials after diamonds. Especially suited for outdoor use, hearths and kitchens. A tough and durable product.


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A softer stone than Granite, but with a luxurious look. It will elevate any room but may require some maintenance.


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A ceramic material, that is highly durable, non-porous and has great heat resistance. Ideal for food preparation areas as it is very easy to clean.

Stone Bath Surround Geelong
Bath inset stone
Dark stone bath hob in modern bathroom


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