Bright geelong kitchen showing 3 bench seats at stone breakfast bar<br />

1. Workflow: consider the flow of movement in the kitchen to reduce congestion and make it easier to work efficiently. Ensure that you create an efficient work triangle between sink, stove and fridge.

2. Storage : Analyse your storage needs so that you can choose the best cabinets, drawers and shelving units to maximise your storage capacity.

3. Appliances : Decide on the appliances you require, such as a refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher and consider their placement when designing your kitchen.

4. Lighting: Your kitchen design should incorporate adequate lighting that will enhance your space and light up work surfaces.

5. Benchtops and surfaces: Choose materials that are functional and easy to lean such as stone benchtops , and splashbacks that can resist water and stains

6. Colours and Textures: Select colours and textures that complement your Kitchen style
and add visual interest. Keep in mind your preferred colours when selecting cabinet’s, benchtops , appliances and flooring . Take swatches with you when checking to help you confirm your colour palette.

7. Seating: Plan an area for seating, such as an Island bench with a breakfast bar or nook. Adequate seating is essential for entertaining guests and family

White stone marble benchtop installed in a white kitchen in geelong
Image of a tidy kitchen with hanging lights and stone benchtop.

8. Ventilation: ensure the kitchen has proper ventilation such as range-hood, windows, doors as cooking can generate a lot of heat, humidity and odours that can become unbearable if not properly ventilated.

9. Budget: when planning your budget the things to remember are: What can you afford ? Once set , stick to it in terms of money and time. Is this a long term home or just a renovation to freshen it up and help you to sell it. Have a list of priorities and then a list of extras, the priorities are the essentials and the extras are just that, an extra that is nice but not essential to have. Is there any small jobs you can DIY that can help with the labour side of things.

We highly recommend seeking out a qualified local cabinetmaker to undertake a kitchen renovation. They can help with design, sourcing and installation with minimal to no issues. If you looking for a local cabinetmaker head to ICM Geelong, or give us a call and we can help point you in the right direction.